Why Zerrin and I Went To a Marriage Conference

Zerrin and I have now been to five different nationally known marriage conferences: Marriage Encounter, Laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage, Love and Respect, Fight Night, and A Week-end to Remember. So why do we keep going and why should you?

ALT="Zerrin and I at A Week-end to Remember marriage conference."Because there is ALWAYS something more to learn!

My wife and I have been married 32 years. I wouldn’t trade my marriage to Zerrin for any marriage I know or could even dream. I am and will be forever thankful for my wife. BUT we still have more to learn…and so do you!

This past week-end we went to a marriage conference in Kansas City called A Weekend to Remember. I rate it way at the top and from this point on will recommend this conference to all of my clients, to all of you reading this blog, and to everyone I know who is married or considering marriage. It is that good.

We laughed, we cried. We talked, we walked. We heard great speakers and were given much to think about. Here were a few of my favorites:

“Every marriage is either moving toward oneness or drifting toward isolation.”

Which way is yours moving?

Ruth Graham (before she died):  “It is my job to love Billy. It is God’s job to make Billy good!”

Something for us all to remember!

Rocky Balboa about he and his wife Adrian:  “We fill each others gaps!”

Thank your spouse for filling in the gaps!

“Choose your love…and love your choice!”

We must do this daily!

“Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate but through being the right mate.”  Barnett R. Brickner.

Does anyone say “ouch?”

“Often the difference between a successful marriage and a mediocre one consists of leaving about three or four things a day unsaid.” Harlan Miller.

How did you do today?

“It’s always too early to quit!”  Jerry Falwell.

Or, “…till death we do part!”


Decide now: start saving to attend a marriage conference sometime in the next 12 months.

Here are links to check out and find one to attend:

A Week-end To Remember

Love and Respect

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Marriage Encounter

Marriage Restored

What quote above is your favorite?  Or do you have one of your own?  Please leave a comment below and share this with your friends!

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