What Helped Me In Saying Good-bye To My Daughter:

I said good bye to my oldest daughter this past weekend as I helped her move to California.I have said good bye to her before, but this time was one of the hardest.  I think it’s partly because of knowing she is going to a school of ministry to prepare for her next move–that of living overseas in India, Africa, and where ever else the Lord leads. On our second day of driving from Kansas to California, I told my daughter there is one thing that makes her journey doable for me…

It is knowing there is a King and a Kingdom.  There is a King named Jesus who loves us. That King is building a Kingdom where one day everything in life will be made right. And that same King invites us to become a part of the process.

When we choose to accept that invitation, our lives take on a whole new meaning. There is vision, purpose, and motivation like never before. Whether a person is single or married, with children or without, there is a realization that life is not about us, but about God and His purposes. Rather than being caught up with stories on a movie screen, we experience the excitement and satisfaction of being part of a real life story where God uses us in the lives of others.

The real life story of our family has included all kinds of adventure. We have loved our neighbors, traveled across the world to love on people of other nations, and invited students from other countries to live with us. We could sit for hours and tell you many wonderful experiences. And I know there are many more to come.

Two questions for you:

Whether you are single or married, what are you living for? More so, who are you living for? Life is short. We have all heard that. Most of us have seen that to be true in one way or another. What will you do with your short life? What impact will you have on your family, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors? What difference will you make in this world before your time is up?

If you have children, what are you teaching your children to live for? Even more so, who are you teaching them to live for? The young people of this generation are so lacking in meaningful vision for their lives.  The good news is that when they catch a vision, there is no stopping them!

One point of clarification:  please don’t hear me saying that we must all raise our children to go to Africa to feed the poor and tell them abut the love of Jesus. Some will, and God will use them wonderfully.

What I am challenging you to do however, is this: think vision.  What are you here for?  What are your children here for? What is life really all about? Then think action:  at all times, whether at work, at home, in your neighborhood, or at Walmart serve and love those around you. In so doing, you will give them a taste of heaven. And for those of you who have children – by all means, in every way, lead and teach  them to do the same! For as Jesus once said, “…whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.”  Matt 10:39 NIV.

One day every parent will say good-bye to their child. It’s never easy. But it will help if you know they have vision for life. It will help even more if you know their vision revolves not around them but around loving and serving others–like the King!

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2 thoughts on “What Helped Me In Saying Good-bye To My Daughter:

  1. Hey Mark,
    Great thoughts regarding saying good-bye to Brittany. I know that had to be hard for you because CA is a long ways away. Thanks for sharing with everyone on your contact list some great thoughts, truths, and perspectives…not only on this latest communication, but on your other ones as well!

    Your brother with love,


    • Thanks Jim! I know you have had the same experience with your children as well. I am thankful we know the King and the future outcome of this world and the next. We love you both.