How To Transform Tense Confrontations Into Rich Conversations

Why is “communication difficulties” the number one complaint I hear from people when they discuss their marriage? Why is really good communication such a rare experience? How many people do you know with whom you would feel totally comfortable to pour out your heart, confident they would truly listen and understand? Even harder yet, is to find someone in whom you trust enough to openly discuss a conflict you are having with them, knowing that in the end, your relationship will be better off as a result.

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Several months ago I confessed to my 26 year old son how I realized I had been listening to him talk about several different subjects with a defensive posture rather than one in which I might truly hear and understand him.

This past weekend that same son came to me to apologize for interrupting me in a conversation earlier that evening.

Later in the same weekend, my 24 year old daughter gently helped me see where I might have missed an opportunity to go deeper with another member of the family.

The conversation that followed each of these interactions proved to be very significant relationally. Each encounter led to greater appreciation of each other and deeper connection between us. Though not always easy, these types of conversations are fairly common in my family, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Secret Behind Rich Conversations

What enables this kind of communication to take place is the learning we have undergone as a family that we teach in my book.

The PLEDGE of a Lifetime is a simple but powerful narrative written for the purpose of training people how to transform tense confrontations into rich conversations in an orderly, love-filled manner. It is further meant to teach people that there is in fact, a healthy order to all conversation. When employed, that order can greatly enrich dialogue and deepen connections with a spouse, children, friends, and in fact everyone.

You can learn these principles in what we call the PLEDGE process, put them into action in your marriage and family, and experience their transformational effect.

Hear me carefully however, it will take patience, practice, and perseverance. You will often wonder if it is worth it. You may even feel like you are the only one in your family who really cares about the principles! Stay with it. In time, you will be rewarded for doing so!

If you want to hear and learn more first hand, plan to get The PLEDGE of Lifetime as soon as it is available on Amazon, and/or join us for the live training in the PLEDGE process at one of our upcoming marriage conferences where the book will also be available!

February 6-7, 2015: Madly In Love Marriage Conference, Faith Church, Valley Center, KS

February 13-14, 2015: Madly In Love Marriage Conference, First Mennonite Brethren Church, Wichita, KS.

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