Three Lessons On Marriage From a Tornado

Saturday I went to Moore, OK with First Mennonite Brethren Church in Wichita, to help with those who lost their homes in the tornado. We worked with a great group of guys from ARC (Allied Response to Catastrophe.) It was a very stirring, overwhelming, and thought provoking experience. Below are two photos (before and after) of Plaza Towers Elementary School and surrounding houses. Following the photos, are three lessons on marriage that emerged from my thoughts:

Moore tornado before


Moore Tornado after

When a marriage fails, there is tornadic like destruction.

Daily I talk with couples facing storms in their marital history while eyeing the swirling clouds of an impending divorce. It is like moving from one area of destruction to another. The relational difficulties faced in a troubled marriage and the damage that takes place when couples don’t make it is overwhelming. Children from divorce parents get through it but never really get over it. They will fear far into adulthood that their relationships will fail too. Financial stability is lost – especially for the wife. Stress in both parties may seem to lessen at first, but a multitude of other aspects of life now become overwhelming because of having to go it alone. For those who have children, the relational difficulties between the ex-spouses only continue because issues were never resolved and divorce compounds and creates new problems.

No marriage is immune from the storms of life.

Destruction comes to all who are in the path of a tornado. The question arises: are we prepared? Those who survive the storm either get out of its way, go to a secure location planned ahead of time, or make it out alive simply by the grace of God.  What are you doing as a couple, and as husband and wife to “get out of the way” of potential destruction? Are you avoiding temptations that could ultimately ruin your marriage? What are you doing to steer clear of extra-marital relationships at work, in your neighborhood, or even at church? How secure is your relationship, your finances, your health, and your home? Are you growing in the Grace of God personally and in your marriage?

Preparation for the whirlwind may make the difference between life and death for your marriage.

What are you doing NOW to make your marriage strong so you can be safe and remain standing when the winds of discord or seasons of change strike your marriage? No other generation has had such massive amounts of information readily available on a healthy marriage and family. From books to E-books, from conferences to counselors, from classes to small groups, every couple has ample access to resources that will strengthen their marriage–if they will only take time to heed them. Sadly, many will not, and not be prepared. What will you do? In my next blog, I will give you my updated list on the best of the best resources  to help you prepare!

(Added note:  if you would like to help out in Moore, you can volunteer with Kansas Tornado Relief.  This organization is largely made up of four great churches in Wichita working together.)

What resources have you found helpful to prepare?  You can leave a response below.

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