Mark has a rich understanding of marriage with extensive experience in marriage counseling and an unusual honesty about his own marriage!DR. LARRY CRABB
Author, Christian Psychologist

I have known Mark and Zerrin for many years and had the opportunity to work alongside them in large conferences and marriage intensives. I highly recommend Mark as a speaker, teacher and communicator of ideas that will prompt hearts to change. I believe the message Mark brings is solid, powerful and well worth your time.KEN CANFIELD, PhD
Center For The Family, World Impact



We have attended Mark Oelze’s seminars and sought personal counseling for an extended period of time. He was literally a lifeline for us!J. & S.B.
Wichita, KS
Mark Oelze has become a trusted resource for Biblical Counseling both to families and individuals across our community.JOE VOSS
Farmers Insurance

PLEDGE has really helped my husband and I resolve problems in a more productive way. After learning it I decided to tell my brother about PLEDGE, going step by step with him what each letter stood for. The next day I got a call from him saying: “I tried PLEDGE last night when my wife and I started having a disagreement, and that really works!”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. We now have the tools to use to really help our relationship in a great way. You have been a blessing to our marriage!S. & J.M.
Wichita, KS

Pastor & Ministry Leader Testimonials

One of the things that sets the Madly in Love Marriage Conference apart from others is the immediate practical application couples can take home with them.  The PLEDGE process was well-presented, and Mark incorporated helpful hands-on practice during the conference.  Madly in Love will help many couples improve their communication.BRENT WARKENTIN
Lead Pastor, First MB Church, Wichita
The Madly in Love Conference is a must for all marriages! How comforting it is to know that there is a process for healing in our marriages based on Biblical principals. Mark and Zerrin bring refreshing insight throughout the entire conference!LISA LANGLOIS
Ministry & Business Director, Believers Tabernacle Wichita, KS Campus
Fantastic conference! We thought the insights expressed and experienced were very helpful. Thanks for a wonderful conference, Mark and Zerrin! We plan to PLEDGE frequently!DR. DAVID DENNIS
Ministry Leader, First Covenant Church, Salina

Madly in Love Marriage Conference is such an amazing tool to use in the most sacred relationship we have in life, marriage. Mark & Zerrin Oelze do an outstanding job throughout the conference, not only to teach this wonderful truth, but also connect with each individual and couple to make sure they totally understand. They also make available material and resources that you can take home with you.

As a Pastor I observed couples and individuals coming to the conference, some were guarded, some had some pretty well constructed walls up and others were very uncertain. By the end of this conference, walls had come down, hope was growing, and there was a lightness to the interactions of each couple.

I would highly recommend this conference to your church, group, staff or leadership team.KENDALL SHEATS
Pastor, Believer's Tabernacle Hutchinson

In the trenches of their own longstanding marriage, Mark and Zerrin Oelze have forged a message of loving our spouses well in the midst of conflict. They are funny, thought provoking, convicting, biblical, and right. We can love our spouses well through conflict, and both be the better for it.

The method, more importantly the divine imperative imbedded in the method of conflict resolution works. Some of our participants said it was the best Christian conference we have ever had. Another went right home and began to teach it to their children so they could practice it not only in their marriage but also in their family conflicts.

Their children expressed eager approval when they learned that the yelling and arguing was going to stop. I wholeheartedly recommend Mark and Zerrin’s “Madly in Love,” conference to you. You will not be disappointed.RODGER THOMPSON
Pastor, Northwest Christian Church, Wichita

Let’s be honest, conflict is a guarantee in relationships, especially marriages. Mark and Zerrin provide a Biblically informed and Spirit led way to steward conflict that will lead to not only getting through it but to benefiting from it.

There are some great resources for sowing into marriage available to the church today but many of these can never be practiced and used if we do not find a way to communicate in the midst of conflict.

This ministry shows couples how to practically turn down the static of conflict so that they can tune in to the frequency of Spirit led love. My wife and I highly recommend it.SAM MCVAY
New Life Equipping Ministry

Mark is the first referral I use. He is compassionate, thorough, and very discerning in dealing with couples.BOBBY MASSEY
former Pastor, Life Point Church
Thanks again for coming and for all you did for us. The seminar was amazing! We really enjoyed having you here.ALDEN & JOAN DICK
former Senior Pastor, Buhler MB Church
We had a GREAT marriage conference over the weekend. Thanks for all your prayers! Here is some of what people said:

  • A great seminar for anyone preparing to get married or married anywhere from one year to 60 years. Great job.
  • Good practical tools to advance marriage.
  • You need to go whether you are married or single.
  • Worth the investment time and money.
  • Must go. Must do. Awesome!
  • We learned to show love to another in a very real way. It was well worth while. Can’t wait to use what we learned.
  • We learned to love well as Christ loves even through conflict. It was definitely worth taking the time to learn how to handle conflict in a loving constructive manner! Do it!
  • As a couple it was helpful to learn the sacredness of communication and how to practically give life and love in our marriage relationship to one another.
  • Attend it! It’s worth it, even if you think you are doing fine in your marriage. It’s a very good investment. You will learn more about God, communication, and relationships of all kinds.
  • This would benefit any couple.
  • This promises to be a tool to help us actually benefit from conflict.
  • Great seminar I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to love better.

What a GREAT weekend! Would highly recommend to everyone. Your marriage is worth the investment into gaining tools that work.MATTHEW & DENA HUDSON
Senior Pastors, Living Word Outreach

Mark and Zerrin put on a very professional and well-done conference that changed lives. The content they shared opened many eyes as to what marriage in Christ can be like. Their presentation demonstrated that what they were teaching wasn’t just theory, but it can be reality in the lives of any willing to apply what was being taught.

Without solicitation on my part, I was thanked by several for bringing Mark and Zerrin back to our church to put on this conference, one person holding back tears as he shared with me his gratitude. I believe your church will be just as grateful to you if you ask them to present a conference at your church.

There are several things that I enjoy about Mark’s presentation style and material:

  1. Mark is accompanied by his wife Zerrin who participates with Mark in parts of the conference. Her presence and their interaction demonstrate that they live what they teach.
  2. They share experiences that make us laugh at them, so we see that they are just as human as we are.
  3. There is no hype and no sales pitch. Mark’s goal isn’t to sell a ton of books. His goal is to rescue and restore marriages.
  4. Mark is a former pastor. He understands your love and concern for people.
  5. Everything in the presentation points to Jesus as our strength and only hope.

I heartily recommend Mark and Zerrin to you and your church. I sense that God has raised up Mark and Zerrin to minister to marriages for such a time as this!LEWIS ERICKSON
former Pastor, Vineyard Church

It was a genuine delight to host the Madly in Love conference this past October.  Although I had never actually attended one before, I still confidently assured the folks I invited that the content of the weekend would “speak to them” no matter where they were on the “marriage journey.”  After making that guarantee, Mark & Zerrin actually exceeded every expectation I had as they wisely, humbly, and practically encouraged all of those who were able to participate in the conference.  And based on the feedback I have received from others who attended, they had the same experience.STEVE ADRIANSEN
Director, Behind The Scenes Ministry


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2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Over the past several years The Lord has orchestrated a developing friendship with Mark and Zerrin. We have experienced their heart and passion to serve others through their Biblical knowledge and counseling wisdom. We have also been recipients of their warm, winsome personalities and hospitality. My wife Nedra and I are looking forward to growing deeper in our relationship with one another…and to The Lord, as we plan to attend the Madly In Love Marriage Conference at First Mennonite Church on Valentines weekend.

    • Thanks for sharing Randy and again your encouragement. I have been thinking more about you two knowing you are coming up to our conference. We are looking forward to seeing you – be sure you come up and say Hi! ~ Mark