For Men Only: Here Are Four Things To Help You Understand Your Wife:

It has long been said “you can never understand a woman.”  Being a man, I can appreciate the saying.  At the same time however, it can be too easy for us men to think that way and excuse ourselves from having to go deeper. Here are four ideas for a husband to keep in mind when seeking to understand his wife:

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For Women Only: Become Your Husband’s Greatest Source of Encouragement by Keeping Four Things In Mind

Often when sitting with couples in my office I find myself thinking “they just don’t understand each other.”  He doesn’t get what she longs for most; she doesn’t know how to come alongside to encourage him.  Here are four ideas for a wife to keep in mind about her husband:

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Learn How and Why We Must Regularly Connect With Our Spouse:

Have you ever had something like this happen between you and your spouse?

My wife was talking with a friend, telling her a cute story about one of the children in her classroom.  It was a delightful story.  They laughed together.  And I thought, “Zerrin never told me that story.  How come I am hearing it now and not first hand?”

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