What Helped Me In Saying Good-bye To My Daughter:

I said good bye to my oldest daughter this past weekend as I helped her move to California.I have said good bye to her before, but this time was one of the hardest.  I think it’s partly because of knowing she is going to a school of ministry to prepare for her next move–that of living overseas in India, Africa, and where ever else the Lord leads. On our second day of driving from Kansas to California, I told my daughter there is one thing that makes her journey doable for me…

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I Need Your Help PLUS the Preface to my ebook


For nearly 30 years, I have listened to the stories and struggles of husbands and wives. As a marriage and family counselor, it is a humbling opportunity each time I am invited into the private world of a couple.

In recent years, I have observed two dynamics taking place in marriages with increased frequency:

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Are YOU Standing For Your Marriage?

Heroes – that is what I think of them.  Men and women who have stood for their marriage when everyone thought they were crazy. I don’t even know how they did it except by the grace of God. I think of two men who stood for their marriage and yet their wives left them.  I think of several women who stood for the same, and God brought reconciliation. I think of another marriage where one spouse has stood for years, even though separated. Things went from worse to worser and worsest. (Excuse the vernacular!) And finally they have taken a turn for the better. It reminded me of the following declaration I once read. I would like to dedicate this to the heroes past and present who are standing for their marriage!

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4 Ways to Transform Your Marriage & Family With a Mission:

“Every man dies, not every man really lives.”

It’s my favorite quote by William Wallace in the movie, Braveheart.  Mel Gibson did an outstanding job at stirring the hearts of all who were in the movie as well as those of us who watched, to live with mission.  How can we relate that to our marriage and family?

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3 Things To Do When Your Morning Turns To Night

By Mark Oelze

We have all been there, known someone who has, or feared the day when it would be us.  A marriage fails, a child dies, a spouse loses their job, or  —  fill in the blank.  The morning starts out bright, but suddenly it turns to night and we can’t find our way.  What do we do?

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