PLEDGE Coaching Sessions (6)


Are you ready to DIVE DEEP into understanding and using the principles of PLEDGE in your marriage? with your kids? between friends or coworkers? Would you like to have someone walk through the PLEDGE process with you to make sure you have learned it well and are doing it most effectively?

Here’s your chance to receive the support and coaching you need to positively affect your marriage and relate better as spouses.

6 Session Package – $480 ($80 per session)

At 33% off, this package is the best value for your money! In our sessions, we will not only cover the basics of PLEDGE and how it applies to your marriage as well as create an individualized plan with key focus areas to remember, we will also spend time exploring what it looks like to really use PLEDGE with your kids or friends/coworkers. We will dream together about leaving a legacy of handling conflict well with those you love. This is the package for those that want to get the most out of the coaching experience for your marriage and relationships at the best rate available.


Not sure this is the package for you?

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