The Pledge of a Lifetime

One of the best ways to spread a message is to write a book about it, which is exactly why I wrote The PLEDGE of a Lifetime. Through countless stories I have heard over the years, I have come to realize more and more the following three things:
  1. Most everyone experiences some form of hesitation or fear when it comes to conflict.
  2. Every marriage has conflict. It exists, its normal, and it is possible to win every time.
  3. There is a lot already written on healthy communication but very little when it comes to a road map or guide to steer people through conflict.

The number one complaint I hear from couples who come to see me is that they can’t communicate. I am not surprised. You see, very few of us grew up in homes where loving communication was taught or modeled to us. Even fewer were shown a process, based on love, on how to walk through conflict and grow from the experience. And we aren’t training our children either.

This is exactly why I’m so passionate about the PLEDGE message!! It pre-supposes that conflict exists, it provides a systematic plan to have in place for when conflict does happen, and it is totally applicable to enhance all communication.


The book is written as a narrative, providing an inside peak into the intense struggles of Jake and Lisa that lead them close to separation. You will “sit in” on their counseling sessions, as they learn the keys to process conflict, wrestle to make them work, and experience tense confrontations become rich communication. You will watch as they gain a genuine hope for transformation in the way they relate not only to each other but to their children as well.

In this short video, these three couples sum up exactly how learning the PLEDGE process can greatly change and benefit any marriage:

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