How I Chose The Title of My Book

One day I asked my wife and kids to think and pray with me, that together we might come up with a name for my book that would speak forth a message and mean something of significance. One hour later, we had the title! The PLEDGE of a Lifetime!

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A pledge is a spoken commitment, a formal declaration of a promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something. Examples would include a pledge to send aid to a country or a pledge not to go to war.

In marriage, the husband and wife pledge their love to each other–that is to say–they formally declare and commit to being faithful and loving to each other until death do they part. The word “wedlock” actually means “to pledge”.

The words “I do,” speak forth their promise in front of God and many witnesses–on a specific day. I love how Gary Thomas in his writings on marriage, goes further to say we must reaffirm that promise by saying “I do,” every day!

And therein lies the most important message of the title of my book: our pledge of love must be demonstrated daily for life!

…Of A Lifetime!

It is one thing to stand up on our wedding day when we are full of warm feelings towards each other and pledge our love for life. It is quite another thing to hold to that pledge of love when in the midst of conflict.

Even further still, the greatest challenge is to live out that pledge each day for as long as we live!

Every day we must communicate with our spouse and do so in a loving manner to foster continued feelings of love. Every day also holds the potential for conflict on a myriad of levels, whether it is borne simply out of a difference of opinion, impatience, a tone of voice, or outright anger.

In The PLEDGE of a Lifetime, you will learn how to get back to love in the midst of conflict, and do so every day for life. (tweet this!)

There is no greater pledge than to love for life!

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