Mark’s Marriage Minute

Ingredients for a Good Conversation

If there is one complaint I hear more often than any other when couples come in to my office, it is that they struggle with their communication. I am not surprised. Rarely do we see good modeling of such, and there is no class taught on it in school.

In my book, Mike seeks to mine from a couple he is counseling what makes for good communication:

“Okay— first let me ask you a few more questions,” Mike said, glancing at Jake. “Both of you take a moment and tell me what you think are the necessary ingredients for a good conversation to take place — especially when you’re working through frustrations with each other.”

In the pages that follow they discuss those ingredients together.

I want to ask YOU the same question. What is one necessary ingredient for good conversation to take place, and especially when in conflict?

Let’s do this together, ok? How many ingredients can we come up with?  Leave a quick comment below. Ready? GO!!

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