Mark’s Marriage Minute

Will you listen?

In chapter 1 of my book, you catch a glimpse of what many couples experience when it comes to their communication:

Mike took a breath and asked, “Okay, from what you can see in your relationship as it stands now, where do you think you need the most help?”

After a moment, Lisa spoke first, looking hesitantly at her husband, “I’d say communication. It feels like Jake never listens to me or even tries to understand what I’m dealing with. He—”

Jake immediately went on the defensive, “I don’t understand why she keeps saying that! I have heard every word she has ever said— and believe me, that’s a lot of words ’cause she never stops talking!”

Lisa turned to Mike saying, “You see? He just doesn’t get it!” and then turned back to glare at Jake. The hurt and anger between them suddenly sizzled.

Good listening so rarely takes place. Sadly, we are far more intent on being heard, than in hearing. Still, when someone takes the time to listen to us, really listen, we feel loved and truly grateful.

This Week’s Challenge:

Stop and listen—really listen—to your spouse, your child, your friend, your co-worker, and really everyone you come in contact. Observe their reaction. Make a mental note of the difference it made in the conversation, and do it again.

So, will you listen? If so, you will be well on your way to impacting those around you with a greater love!

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