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Victory Over Conflict...

Some dear friends of ours, George and Marjean Fooshee in their 59th year of marriage, wrote this about my book, The PLEDGE of a Lifetime:

“ … an engaging story of a couple learning to use the PLEDGE process to claim victory over conflict.”

Imagine, victory over conflict. Wouldn’t that be great? Most of us were never trained or taught how to experience this. It IS possible. But we must start by stopping.

Sound confusing? That’s what one man thought when I taught him the importance of Pausing when he found himself in the midst of conflict. I said he must stop before he says or does anything else that would cause harm and begin to learn a new way.

Question to consider:

  • How often do you experience victory over conflict?

Stop when you find yourself in a conflict and think: what is one thing I can do differently to help restore peace?

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