Mark’s Marriage Minute

Feeling disconnected...

The following is a quote from my book, The PLEDGE of a Lifetime:

“I don’t know when it started exactly. All I know is that one day I remember thinking it didn’t seem right between us. I longed for connection and it just wasn’t happening. All our conversations seemed to end up in an argument or with us just ignoring each other. I tried over and over to get him to see there was a problem, but he never got it. Then one morning, I realized I was dreading seeing him at the end of the day.”

Have you ever found yourself at a similar point in your marriage?

I know I could relate – at least at different times with Zerrin and I. We both would definitely say we know what it is like to feel disconnected. We finally learned that when we felt that way, we knew too many other things in our lives had taken precedence over our relationship with each other – and we needed to make some changes. How about you?

What one change could you make THIS WEEK that would make at least a 50% change in your relationship?

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