The Madly in Love Marriage Conference

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About The Conference

If you have ever been involved in a team of any kind, you know it’s all about learning to do your best. We look to trainers and coaches to teach us what works, point out our weaknesses, and cheer us on to win. We pay big money for this! We spend hours and hours practicing with that trainer. Why? Because inside of each of us is the desire to do our best when it matters most!

Where does it matter more than in your marriage?

Every couple faces challenges in their relationship whether it is with communication, sex, finances, parenting, etc. But they don’t have a game plan for when the challenges turn in to conflicts.

What if coaching could bring you closer together as husband and wife? What if you could work like a team? Think like a team? Feel like a team?

The Madly In Love Marriage Conference is all about giving you the tools and practical steps to strengthen your marriage, and understand each other on new levels. You will be trained to use the PLEDGE game plan, a simple step-by-step process to enhance all conversation and guide you through all conflict, big or small.  It will not only enhance your connection with each other as husband and wife, but change the family dynamics of the whole family as all learn how to relate to each other in a more loving manner.

Mark & Zerrin have been working with couples for over 25 years, coaching them through the PLEDGE process.

Come to the Madly In Love marriage conference and get the training to win together for a lifetime!  Click here to register now.

You will leave with:

  • A means of connection – giving her hope.
  • A step-by-step game plan to process conflict – giving him courage.
  • Help to regularly shift from being mad to madly in love.
  • Hope from testimonies of couples in love once again
  • A gift for your children to change the course of their relationships.
  • Laughter, tears, hope, and much more!

Register now to find out how…

MEN are discovering a simple, sure fire way to communicate to their wives on a whole new level. WOMEN are feeling more deeply loved and responding in a like manner. And dynamics in entire families are changing as parents model and teach their children how to communicate and work through conflict in love!

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Host A Conference

Large Conferences

Come experience the Madly In Love Marriage Conference in an exciting two-day large group setting, typically held at a church.  You will get all the same training as those who attend the Intensive format, at a reduced cost, and with greater anonymity.

If you’d like to host the Madly In Love Marriage Conference at your church, please visit our Pastors and Church Leaders page for more information.

Special INTENSIVE Format

Periodically we offer a unique and exciting opportunity for a select number of couples to join Zerrin and I in our home for a special intensive format of the conference. This is an amazing chance to be trained to use a practical step-by-step game plan to enhance all conversation and resolve any conflict. You will also spend quality time with us directly, get a glimpse behind the scenes of our marriage, watch us use the PLEDGE process to talk through conflict, and enjoy the friendship and fellowship of a small group atmosphere.

Because of the unique nature of this opportunity, we limit these events to the first 10 couples that register.

If you’d like to host the Madly In Love Marriage Conference at your church, please visit our Pastors and Church Leaders page for more information.

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2 thoughts on “The Madly in Love Marriage Conference

    • Hi Russ!

      Thanks for your inquiry about marriage conferences here in Wichita. My wife and I just did one a week and a half ago! Sorry we missed you on that one.

      I’d love to talk with you about what you have in mind and see what we might could do for your employees.

      Why don’t you give me a call and let’s talk a bit. I have several ideas in mind.

      You can reach me at: 316-207-5924. I should be available most of today and then intermittently throughout the week. If you get my voicemail, let me know how and when it is best to reach you and I will give you a call back.

      I look forward to talking Russ!