Learn This One Principle and Change Your Life For The Better!

Driving home from visiting our daughter in Tulsa yesterday, we drove by colorfully adorned fields of green giving way to the auburn milo and back to the green again. The various crops, each with their unique beauty, are part of what makes the mid-west a wonder to behold. They also speak of a very simple but life-changing concept for all who will hear…

The farmer harvests that which he plants. Did you catch it? Did you catch the life-changing principle? He pulls from the ground fruit of the very kind that he planted. He planted milo, and harvested milo. It is that simple, yet that powerful.

Please listen carefully: every day of our lives we are planting and harvesting.

Husbands and wives alike, you are planting in to your relationship – every day, every hour, every moment. The principle I explained above will prove true in your marriage as well. Plant love, patience, forgiveness, kindness, thoughtfulness, and you will harvest the same. Plant laziness, discontent, deceit, disloyalty, or simply a lack of effort, and that is what you will harvest.

As parents, you are planting in to the lives of your children. Every day with your children, every interaction, from morning until evening, you are planting.

Take vision, discipline, love, values, morals, respect for others, and God – and plant them into your children and harvest what is good.

Or, through your lack of involvement, your child’s peers, and the media, a valueless, self-absorbed way of living will be planted in their souls. That harvest will likely result in a disrespect of parents and others, a preoccupation with self, discontent and depression along with a lack of interest in spiritual matters.

Every moment of time whether you are tired or not, is an opportunity to plant good in to the heart and mind of your child. I speak as a father whose children are now out of the home – don’t waste what precious little time you have with your children. It will be gone sooner than you know.

In your place of employment you are planting whether in your office, on the assembly line, or in the field.

You can plant seeds of teamwork, mutual respect, and praise OR gossip, division, and apathy. You choose. Plant one kind of seed and watch it bring forth the same kind of fruit.

Where ever you are, whenever you speak or act, you are planting. When you see your neighbor…when you interact with a waitress…when you check out at Walmart you have an opportunity plant and bring forth good or bad.

It will require thought, time, effort, money, and courage to plant that which is good in your marriage, your family, and your world around you – but in so doing your harvest will be good, full, and bountiful!

How do you react to the above? What word or action will you plant today?  (You can leave a reply or question below.)

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6 thoughts on “Learn This One Principle and Change Your Life For The Better!

  1. Your blog is inspiring because of its simplicity. For the last few days I’ve been thinking about who I am and qualities I have. The first thought came to mind is 1 Cor. 13 and the also the fruits of the spirit. Your blog is timely as it reminds that I can develop the qualities in 1 Cor. 13 and the fruit of spirit of being mindful of what I am planting. I want to develop these qualities so I can be the husband and father my family deserves and who God wants me to be. Thank you holy spirit for the heart to want to change for the better and to love my family.

    • Thanks Lenny. Great direction in your thinking. Who of us would NOT want to have planted in to us from others the kind of Love I Cor 13 speaks of and all the fruits of the Spirit. AND as you allude to, they are a great guide for the kinds of things we want to plant in to others around us!