Here’s A Perfect Valentine’s Day Idea For YOU!

Here is a simple observation: most couples love each other, but don’t know how to show it when they experience difficulties in their relationship. What do we do when we are at odds? How do we respond when hurt by the other? How are we supposed to react when we are angry?

Madly In Love

These and other such questions were the very reason I wrote the book: The PLEDGE of a Lifetime, Her Hope for Connection, His Guide Through Conflict. It has been one year since its publication. I have heard story after story from those who have read it how much they learned and how it has helped their relationships.

One person spoke of how she has read the book, and is now re-reading it because there is so much to grasp.

Many others have purchased multiple copies to give to their grown children to help in their marriages.

What do we do? How do we respond? How should we react? These and similar questions are all clearly answered in my book.

Is there a way—a right way—to talk through our differences?

With a resounding yes, I tell you THERE IS! And not only that, but there is way to do so where you both learn from the experience and grow through the process. Win, win!

This Valentine’s Day invest in your marriage by pulling your copy off the shelf and read it together. If you don’t have a copy, you can get one here or from Amazon (if you prefer Kindle).

Can I say one more thing? I heard from a number of sources before I wrote my first book, “don’t expect to make any money as an author!” Well that was a bit disheartening. Thanks for the encouragement! Looking back though, I am glad for those comments.

They caused me to stay focused on the real purpose of writing.

I want to help people.

I want to help YOU!

I spend hours writing blogs—as do many others—because I want to share with you all that has been given to me, that it might be of help and encouragement.

I spent hours writing my book for the very same reason!

I believe with all my heart if you read and practice the principles in The PLEDGE of A Lifetime, it will change your marriage AND your family. It will in fact change the way you interact in every conversation for the good of that relationship!

But don’t just try it!

If you have attended any of our conferences on PLEDGE, you have heard me say at the end, “don’t go home and try this!”

It’s always fun seeing the perplexion on people’s faces.

Then I explain I don’t want them to go home and try PLEDGE; I want them to go home and DO it! I want them to work at it until they get it!

We all know what it is like to get excited about something new, only to “try” it and throw it aside when it isn’t easy or doesn’t seem to work as it is supposed to.

PLEDGE does work—when you work the PLEDGE!

Sometimes it will seem easy; other times, quite challenging. Don’t give up. Work at it until it becomes the natural way in which you communicate. It is then you will experience all the benefits!

So here’s my Valentine’s Day idea for you: pick up a copy of The PLEDGE of A Lifetime and go to work at communicating in a healthier manner starting with each other and your children. I promise, you won’t regret it!

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