How to get the most out of The PLEDGE of a Lifetime!

When I wrote The PLEDGE of a Lifetime, I knew I wanted to convey a message that would lead couples and ultimately families down a path of rich and remarkable communication. I know there is more–MUCH MORE–we can experience in our relationships because I see it in the lives of couples I work with, and I regularly enjoy it with my wife and children.

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Zerrin and I just finished up a long weekend with two of our kids home from out of town. Several times we sat for literally hours at a time talking and listening to each other tell about the present story in each of our lives; sharing and teaching each other things we are learning in life and from God; and talking through relational challenges we face at times with each other in order to make our connections as a family even stronger. And this is the norm. I long for others to know the same experience. I believe you can…

A Simple Story

As I began to write the book, I didn’t plan to write it as a narrative, it just happened. I believe it was God. Narrative has such an ability to keep our attention, opening our hearts and minds to ideas that we might otherwise question or push away.

Jake and Lisa (two of the main characters of the book) are just like each of us in various ways. They have disappointments in themselves as well as in each other. Out of hurt and anger, they lash out at each other because they don’t know any other way. They weren’t taught any differently…neither were we. Over time their sense of intimacy pines away, leaving them wondering if is worth it to keep trying. Eventually the door is opened to various temptations, threatening to undermine their sworn vows of commitment to each other on their wedding day.

We Can All Relate

I know what it’s like to be disappointed in my relationship with my wife, to be hurt and angry, and even lash out. I know what it is like to ask the questions in the midst of a conflict: “what do I say now? How do we work through this?” And I know what it is like to face temptation. I believe if you are honest, you would say the same.

Zerrin and I came to a place early on in our marriage where we made a decision that has carried through to this day–we would do whatever it took to push through any difficulties we experienced with each other and keep growing in our marriage. This has resulted in us going to marriage conferences, sitting down together and talking to marriage counselor friends, me spending more time talking to other counselors about me, Zerrin and I talking and praying together for countless hours, perseverance, patience, and just plain work!

I know the cost. I know the reward. And the latter far outweighs the former!

I wrote this book hoping and praying it would deeply enrich your conversations and learning about each other along your journey to a great marriage!

With that in mind, I implore you to read The PLEDGE of a Lifetime in the following ways:

3 Ways To Read The Book

First, simply enjoy a quick read through to get the general idea, individually or together as a couple.

Second, go back through and review the chapter summaries. Spend one week working on the highlights in the first summary, and the second week on the second summary, etc. Doing this should take you 8 weeks. This could also lend itself to doing a small group study, where after everyone has read the book, everyone works on the same chapter summary in a week, and then comes back to share with the group how things went.

Third, plan at least one time in the week to work through the discussion exercises at the end of the book, practicing the principles of PLEDGE.

The book is live on Amazon in the Kindle format (harcopy is coming soon) or you can get a free PDF copy by letting us know you would be willing to help us out with PR, finances, or prayer. Help us get the word out and get your FREE copy here!

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