Mark’s Marriage Minute

For Men Only!

This one if for all you men who like me, truly want to make a difference in your marriage and family! (from page 12 of my book.)

Mike the counselor is saying: “Jake, you mentioned when we first talked today, that when you two were dating, you and Lisa both enjoyed a sense of adventure and mission. As men, we’re stirred deeply by the sense of mission. We were made to rise up and meet the task at hand. When we do, there is a powerful sense of satisfaction.”

Mike leaned forward and continued more fervently, “I know you love Lisa or you wouldn’t be here, Jake, so stay with me on this. Learn everything you can. Do whatever it takes. Become the greatest lover you can be— that is one thing you will never regret.”

After those last words, both Mike and Jake were quiet. Mike wasn’t sure, but he thought he saw some red in Jake’s eyes. He knew he felt the red in his own.

“To say it another way,” Mike cleared his throat and went on, “as men we were made to pursue a destiny, to impact the world around us. We must begin with our own families. I believe when we are called to this task in the right way, we will respond.”

I believe in you!

Men – I want to say I believe in you! I really do. I know that deep down inside you want to do what is right. You want to love your wife and kids. Often we just don’t know how or what to do. I know that! Right now – as I write this blog post I am facing a big challenge in my life that I don’t know how to deal with!

Remember this:  As leaders, we will always be placed in situations that are bigger than ourselves. What we do next will make us fall, stall or stand up tall!

Here are two things I am doing right now in the midst of my challenge:

First I am praying hard. Real hard! I am not afraid to admit that I don’t have it altogether. I need insight and wisdom – so I am asking the One who has both to enlighten me!

Second, upon praying, the idea came to mind (I am believing God put the idea there) to get with other men I know who have done well when faced with this challenge. I have counted five men. My plan is to get with each one in the next two weeks to learn from them and find out what I am missing.

Here’s my CHALLENGE for you men:  

What are you facing in your marriage and family right now that is overwhelming or keeping you from having the impact that you want to have?

  • Pray and PRAY HARD for God to give you insights!
  • Listen to any ideas that come to mind and follow up on them
  • Don’t be afraid or too proud to do whatever it takes to learn from others whether it is other men, books, podcasts, websites, or conferences.

Let us be men who move forward in our most important relationships so that we love our wives and children well!

Men I believe in you!!

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