5 Steps To Excelling in 2016

Towards the end of last year, I found myself troubled about the level of stress and frustration I was experiencing in life more often than not. I decided to do something about it and made a personal commitment to seek counsel. I’m glad I did. I gained some important insights about myself and some of the internal motivations that were driving me. Keeping what I learned in mind is helping me begin the New Year in a better way.

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How about YOU? I have an idea…

As we start off 2016, what is going well in your life right now? And what is not going well? Where are you hurting? In which areas of life do you find yourself most anxious and frustrated? Where would you like to excel? Consider taking some time to do what I did and seek counsel. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you do:

1. Pick wise people

I picked three men that were my age or older. I knew each one well. Each one’s walk with God was strong. All three were successful in the areas in which I was struggling. This is the type of person from whom you want to receive mentoring.

2. Persist

Between the moment you decide to do this and the time you meet for counsel, you will likely have questions about going through with the process. I know I did. Don’t let that stop you. It is a good idea to seek wisdom from others. None of us have all the answers. All of us can learn from others. Now is a great time to do so!

3. Prepare to learn

I was aware of mixed feelings when Zerrin and I met with the people from whom we were seeking help. What if they told me some things I didn’t really want to hear? What if they challenged me in ways that I wouldn’t like? We had to work at laying down any preconceived ideas about what we thought was right, and listen with an open-mind. I needed to remind myself why I decided to do this in the first place. I was tired of being stressed and frustrated. I needed help!

4. Proceed to act together

If you have attended our conference, read my book or followed my blog for very long, you know I do everything I can to help promote strong marriages with a foundation of good and healthy communication. One of the values that Zerrin and I have in our marriage is to do as much as we can together. Why wouldn’t we? Doing so helps promote the intimacy we both desire. So we met as a couple with two of the three people we sought help from. We talked together afterward, and continue to do so as we act together upon what we learned.

5. Ponder over what you heard

It has been about two months since those meetings, but I haven’t forgotten what we talked about. Zerrin and I continue to remind ourselves of what was shared with us. The positive effect is lingering. We are hopeful it will have a lasting effect on all of 2016 and beyond.

Question: Leave a comment below: what was a highlight from 2015? Where would you seek help for change in 2016? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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