3 Things Graduation Teaches All Of Us

There’s nothing quite like that moment when you see your son, daughter, or spouse walk across the stage and you are filled with pride for all they have accomplished. This year I watched one of my children do that very thing. It was the ninth time I felt those feelings whelm up inside. It was amazing!


Accompanying the experience of graduating from any level of education, or from one area of life into another, the question looms: Where to from here?

Keep the following three ideas in mind and you won’t go wrong:

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You Are Being Watched!

Every day, all day long you are being watched. It is an eerie feeling when you stop and think about it. Someone recently commented on Facebook how they didn’t like ads popping up in front of them of a product they were just searching for online. Makes you wonder.


The watching I am talking about however, is in our marriages. Here is what I mean:

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10 Key Ingredients To Living At Peace With Your Spouse

If you have been reading my blog for very long at all, it would hardly be a surprise to hear that most of my life I have sought to learn principles to get through conflict in a more productive manner rather than just fighting. As an adult I formed those principles into a conflict resolution process we call PLEDGE. I use the process personally and teach it to others on a regular basis so that they might truly learn to love well.


More recently I have been thinking that to get the most out of the PLEDGE process, some key ingredients are necessary to put into the mix. This blog post lists those ingredients.

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When Your Spouse Says They Don’t Love You Anymore

I received a call from someone wanting counseling for their marriage. They were desperate, not knowing what to do. Their marriage was fine – so they thought – up until recently when their spouse informed them things were over. The reason given?  “I don’t love you anymore!”


I have had that call on many occasions.

What was to be my advice? Why does this happen? What can you do when this occurs or if you find yourself feeling this way?

Three facts to keep in mind about feelings:

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3 Things To Do When Your Friends Are Facing Divorce

On a number of occasions I have heard someone say to me, “Did you hear about so and so? They are getting a divorce!” And every time, it grieves me. When I ask what they have done to help, they most often say something like: “Oh I couldn’t help. I wouldn’t know what to do.” I am even more saddened after that!

3 Things When Facing Divorce

There is always at least something we can do. Here are some ideas:

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For Men Only: Is It Ok For Us To Be Emotional?

Recently Zerrin and I spent some very rich time with some good friends. As we conversed, the husband began to share he felt as though his life no longer had purpose. We talked about challenges they faced, the season of life they were in, and questions about God. I wanted to encourage my brother, but experienced a growing frustration inside of me because nothing I said seemed to have any impact.

Men ok emotional?

Then something happened that came out of no where. Torrents of emotions were stirred in me and I began to weep! Through my tears I managed to tell him how much of a difference he has made in my life and how much I need him and how difficult it would be to go on in life if I knew that he wasn’t still running the race as I am.

Then, in the midst of my tears, I found myself wondering what my friends and my wife were thinking about me as I was crying. Was it OK? Or did they see me as weak?

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Three Men, Three Athletes, and Success in Your Marriage

Do you know any of these three men: David Cutliffe, Patrick Mouratoglou, or Angelo Dundee? What do they have in common with three of the top athletes of the last 60 years in our country? The answer is critical to you accomplishing the greatest desires of your heart.

3 Men

THINK: what is more important than becoming the best possible husband or wife to each other, the greatest parent to your children, and the most love-filled individual to all? Nothing! But how do we get there? To answer that we have to know who the three men are I just mentioned and what their connection is to Peyton Manning, Serena Williams, and Mohammed Ali.

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The Only Resolution You Need This Year…

Incredible! Another year behind us, another year before us.

Love Well

For us here at Madly In Love Ministries, we are truly excited about 2015!

And I want to encourage you to be sure to read our email on Tuesday of next week to learn of some of the why. You won’t want to miss it.

But for now–for those of  you have mustered up the determination once again to make another New Year’s Resolution–might I suggest one that just might top the list?

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Born to Die?

Imagine…being born to die. Really, take a moment and imagine if your whole purpose in being born, was to give your life and die.

Born to Die?

As we approach this wonderful time of the year when we celebrate the birth of Christ, take another moment if you will, and imagine what it would be like for Jesus to know He was coming to earth–to die.

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