Born to Die?

Imagine…being born to die. Really, take a moment and imagine if your whole purpose in being born, was to give your life and die.

Born to Die?

As we approach this wonderful time of the year when we celebrate the birth of Christ, take another moment if you will, and imagine what it would be like for Jesus to know He was coming to earth–to die.

What was He thinking?

Consider what it was like for the Father and His Son, just before “the fullness of time,” when He would be placed inside the womb of Mary. What was Jesus thinking? He knew then His purpose in coming was to die as the sacrificial lamb for the world. Was He eager to do so? Was He at all hesitant?

What was it like for the Father? For the first time ever, He and His Son would experience separation. Ultimately, He would watch His Son experience the weight of the sins of the world and succumb to a very agonizing death. And it would all happen JUST AS HE HAD PLANNED! Imagine what it would have been like for the Father to plan for His Son to be born to die!

We might think: “God, how could you? How could you send your Son to earth, knowing what was to befall Him? And how could you have PLANNED for this to happen?”

A greater purpose.

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I don’t like the way God does things. Sometimes He really doesn’t make sense to me at all, and right now, I really don’t like what He’s doing!”  I have thought that–on many occasions. His ways really are so much higher than ours!

We know the purpose God had in sending His Son to die. Jesus’ death was the single greatest act of love eternity will ever know. The giving of His life for me and for you was unfathomable. God sacrificing His Son for mankind! Every other god of this world has always only required people to sacrifice for them. Our God sacrificed His greatest treasure for us–and He planned to do so! Why?  The Apostle Paul says that He did so in order to demonstrate His love for us!

God wanted to demonstrate to the world the greatest possible act of love–sacrificing the life of His only Son–so that the world would want to love Him in return!

God wanted to give His only Son’s life because He wanted to show us the depth of His love because He WANTED us to know how much we are loved so that we would WANT Him!

It is all about love!

When we are faced squarely, unequivocally with His love, when we see it and know it, we are undone! We are shamed over our sin. We are humbled by His forgiveness. We are drawn by His open hand. We are overwhelmed by His love. And we are compelled to love in return!

What does this have to do with marriage? EVERYTHING! To the degree we have been overwhelmed by the love of God, we will love Him and our spouse just as He loves us. In fact, we will not hesitate to spend our entire lives doing so, regardless of the cost, for love is by its very nature, sacrificial!

You see the truth is, just like Jesus, we too were born to die!

Question: In what ways has Christ’s radical love impacted your marriage? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Born to Die?

  1. First, I have to say, I really miss your sermons, Mark!
    In what ways has Christ’s radical love impacted your marriage?
    Christ’s example of sacrifice, unconditional love, to die to self, ALWAYS seem to creep in right in the middle of a disagreement!…well maybe not always…but eventually the Lord in His tender love and grace reminds me of how much I love my husband and want only what God wants. He always brings us together in love and forgiveness no matter what…to talk through the disagreement or argument. By His Grace….thank you God! You are so faithful to us! 23 years of nudges from the Holy Spirit!

  2. Jesus, knowing death was not the end of the story, could put His trust in the Father that The father would raise Him from the dead. So we, knowing that death is not the end of our life, can trust the Father to raise us up! Knowing that we are to die daily, we can trust the Father to raise us back up- daily.