Better Than Winning The World Cup

I watched the final game of the World Cup this week. No doubt many of you did as well. I must confess I have not been a huge soccer fan, but it is growing on me. Every time I watch I am amazed at how the players keep moving/running the whole game. It looks exhausting. Statistics show a player may run as many as 9 miles during the game! (That’s compared to 2.72 in Basketball and 1.25 in American Football – just in case you were wondering).

Your Life Is Like The World Cup_

Disclosure: I am writing this marriage blog as a follower of Jesus Christ. You may or may not be one yourself. If you are not, please feel free to read the following anyway – indeed I would be honored by you doing so. We are all somewhere on a spiritual journey even if that means we don’t believe in God at all. If that is you, I would encourage you to ask yourself one thing as you read: does it sound right? does it resonate somewhere deep inside you as truth?

Striving for the prize

When Germany was awarded the FIFA World Cup Trophy every team member kissed the 14.4 inch gold sculpture and raised it to the sky with a shout of victory! It marked the beginning of a grand celebration for the German team. The longer I watched, I found myself reflecting: what am I striving towards here on earth? Where do I foremost want to succeed? In what am I putting my greatest efforts, doing all I can to win? And will I, one day when its over, be able to raise a gold medal to the sky with a grand shout of victory?

For those of us who believe in the Bible, we read that in fact there is a day coming, when we will stand before God Himself in the greatest award ceremony of all, waiting to receive a prize. I wonder what I will be thinking when I’m standing in line waiting my turn. Will I feel like I gave it my best here on earth? Will I feel good about what I did with my time AND how well I loved those closest to me? What will I hear when Christ opens his mouth to speak to me? What if any, will be my reward?

3 ways to make the most of the journey

When I reflect upon questions such as these, I loathe the time I have wasted in life and I renew my quest to make my life count. In short, that means:

  • to pursue the heart of my wife each and every day, like I wrote in The Marriage Secret;
  • to model for my children what love looks like;
  • to truly practice loving my neighbor as I do myself.

Some days, my efforts look dismal in comparison to others. It requires spending time each day calling to mind what is most important in my life – the very purpose of my existence.

Question: As you read this, what thoughts are stirred inside of you? What is the most important pursuit in your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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