THE Answer to Conflict

As I write these blog posts, I do so with the awareness that I have a wide audience, from many who follow Jesus Christ, to others who may not be interested at all in God but want to learn how to have a great marriage. Though this particular post leans more heavily on the side of talking about Jesus, I do hope my friends who are not interested in God at this time, might read this and still glean some important helps for their life and marriage.

ANSWER to conflict

This morning I have been thinking of the numerous and serious conflicts amongst the nations of the world. I reflected on the times in which we live, the nature of man, and our need for God.

The Beginning of All Conflict

In the Biblical account of the creation of the world and the plight of mankind, we see an intriguing series of events that reveal the answer to all conflict. Let me explain:

In the first few chapters of the Bible we read how when man and woman walked with God, all was well. There was peace on earth, even between man and the animals.

Before long however, man chose to walk away from God and go his own way. Shame and fear entered the human race, and even hatred, to the point of murder–conflict at its worst. Peace was no more.

Humankind became so universally destructive that God did away with everyone except for Noah and his family, and started once again.

Years later, God chose a man who would birth the nation of Israel, a people God would lead as their King to bless the world. Unfortunately, these people walked away from God and wanted to follow a man king more than their God King. Peace would once again evade them.

Ultimately this led to Israel’s decline and the warring of people groups and nations throughout the world. Conflict–now multiplied thousands of times over.

A New Plan

God then chose His Son Jesus to enter the story here on earth. He was called the Prince of Peace. The people of Israel expected Him to conquer the Romans, set Himself up as King, and bring peace. Jesus had a different plan.

Jesus came first to conquer man’s heart. His plan was to demonstrate what is needed most in all relationships: selfless, sacrificial love. Without the heart of man being forever changed by that kind of love, no king will ever lead his people to lasting peace.

We Each Have A Choice To Make

From the time Jesus lived on earth, some 2,000 years ago, until now, mankind has had a choice. You may live life your way with no thought of Jesus and His love. In so doing your heart will eventually be filled with the same kinds of feelings like shame, fear, and hatred that man experienced when he first turned away from God. And peace in your relationships will not be found.

OR, you will choose to wonder about Jesus’ love, and let Him change your heart, your life, and the ways in which you relate to others. Therein lies the final answer to all conflict and finding true peace–first in our own hearts, and second in our relationships.

One day, the Bible declares that this same Jesus who lived and died to show His love to the world, will come again to rule this world as only He will be able to do–because He alone is able to change and rule man’s heart. When He does, people everywhere will finally be at peace with themselves, with each other, and with God.

My Challenge To You

Regardless of where you are at on your spiritual journey, if you are honest, you know you need help to become a more selfless or sacrificial husband or wife. You know you don’t love and respect each other as you ought. I don’t either!

Join me and simply pray (talk) to Jesus and ask: “Will you change me and make me love others better than I do?”

If you have never talked to Jesus or asked Him to change you, would you email me and let me know? I’d like to give you some further direction.

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