Hi! My name is Mark, thanks so much for stopping by! Here at madlyinlove.org you’ll find my weekly blogs on marriage and conflict resolution, as well as videos and information about our Madly In Love Marriage Conference.

Who This Blog Is For

  • Couples considering marriage and want a strong understanding of healthy communication.
  • Husbands and wives wanting to renew or deepen their connection with each other.
  • Those struggling to connect in their marriage due to poor, unhealthy, or lack of communication.
  • Anyone wanting to learn a proven process for handling and resolving all conflict.
  • Every parent who desires to teach their children how to interact meaningfully with their peers and future spouse.

What I Blog About

  • Conflict Resolution – Specific methods for talking through and resolving conflict so each person feels loved, heard, and respected.
  • Communication – Feeling disconnected from your spouse? Want to relate more to you kids? Confused about how to confront a friend or co-worker? You’re in the right place!
  • The PLEDGE Process – A practical, 6 step guide for any conflict in any relationship. Don’t miss this!
  • Parenting – There are few harder, and more rewarding relationships than those we have with our children. They can also be frustrating and confusing. I write about relating well with your kids and how to intentionally leave a family legacy of love for your future generations.

Occasionally, I also write on other various topics related to building a strong, lasting marriage and family, including matters related to the spiritual aspect of our lives. I know we are all on individual journeys when it comes to knowing God. Some have great interest, others have little to no interest. Wherever you are are, please know you are more than welcome here.

Why I Blog

I know, from my own personal experience as well as from the stories of countless others, that marriage can bring some of the greatest joys and greatest pains in life. No marriage is without it’s challenges and so every marriage faces conflict at some point.

After experiencing difficulty resolving a few conflicts early on in our marriage, and then witnessing several years of counseling in which other couples also didn’t seem to know how to resolve their conflicts productively, I realized something was needed. We needed a roadmap for how to handle (and resolve) conflict in a way that each person felt loved, heard, and respected.

That process (which I call PLEDGE) is largely what this blog is about – as we and other couples follow the PLEDGE process, we learn how to handle and benefit from conflict with every challenge we face.

The great thing? PLEDGE doesn’t just apply to marriage! It can be used to resolve conflict and enrich every conversation within any relationship at home with your kids, at work with your colleagues, between friends, and of course with your significant other.

The Madly In Love Marriage Conference

In spite of the dream to stay madly in love, every couple knows what it is like to feel more mad at times than in love.  Very few however, have learned how to communicate well – especially in conflict – in order to grow closer together rather than be pushed apart.  At a time when the value of marriage is at an all time low in our nation, the purpose of this conference is to give vision and hope for marriages to thrive for a lifetime.

Specifically, those who attend the Madly In Love Marriage Conference will:

  • understand why the experience of love wanes over time and what must be done to gain it back.
  • break two myths that cause us to fear conflict so it no longer holds you back from the deeper connection you long for
  • receive very practical help and clear simple guidance on resolving conflict and deepening their relationship through conversation that is governed by love.
  • be trained to use PLEDGE: a six-step guide to process all conflict, big or small.
  • learn essential aspects of love that are necessary to enable their marriage not only to last but to thrive for a lifetime.
  • gain vision and learn how to train their children in the conflict resolving process to better prepare them for marriage.

Visit our Conference Page to learn more and watch a promo video!

About My Family

Zerrin and I have been married since 1981 and call Wichita, KS home. Zerrin is a fantastic elementary school teacher, demonstrating super human patience and encouragement for her students each day. She’s amazing! I have a Master’s in Biblical Counseling and have spent the past 25 years counseling couples and families. We are blessed with three adult children: Brittany, Micah, and Taya who make our lives so fun! With our kids now out of the home, Zerrin and I enjoy taking walks, riding a tandem bike together, traveling to visit friends and family, and investing in the lives of other couples as much as we can.

What To Expect

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