5 Musts When You FAIL – True Confession

Well I had a deadline… and I came so close.  I had posted on my website that my E-Book entitled:  PLEDGE, The Step-by-Step Process to Walk Through Conflict In Love, would be completed and ready to download at the end of April.  Unfortunately – it ain’t happenin’…crud!  Now what?

One could argue that in the grand scheme of things, failing at a deadline such as I did isn’t that big of a deal.  On the other hand, I really worked hard and wanted to see it happen.  I value integrity and the commitments I make.  So it is a bit of a disappointment for me. It may be for you as well.  That’s ok if it is.

Truth be known, we would all admit that we fail quite often in many areas of life.  What are we to do when it happens?

1.  Be honest about your failure.

Tell God and everyone else it affects, starting with your spouse and children.  Our inclination however, is to fight that admission.  Why?  Simply put, we fear others’ contempt so we hide, thinking we will be better off.  Unfortunately, that only makes matters worse.  In the majority of cases, our fears would be put to rest if we only confessed.  Start there.

2.  Embrace the consequences.

God will use them to refine and bring about His good work in us.  It is in God’s plan and power to use even our failures for good, if we trust Him.

3.  Be patient with those whom you let down.

When we do admit fault, we want others to get over it quickly.  We have felt the pain of our failure, now we want the experience of grace.  The problem is of course, it has only just begun for those we have let down.  They may be experiencing all kinds of feelings including hurt, disappointment, anger, betrayal, even hate.  It will now take time – perhaps much time – for them to forgive.  We must be patient.

4.  Take stock of what you have learned.

It has been said that we can learn the most from our greatest failures.  Don’t miss the opportunity to gain wisdom from this experience.

5.  Get back in the game.

If you are truly sorry and have done all the above, get back to doing what you know is right.  Demonstrate a renewed commitment to those you have hurt.  Love them when and as they allow, giving them as much time as they need to heal.

P.S.  So I apologize for not getting the E-book out to you when I said. I hesitate to set a new time for the book to be online – for obvious reasons.  I learned there is much more to this process than I thought.  I am pressing on to its completion.  I will get it to you as soon as possible!


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2 thoughts on “5 Musts When You FAIL – True Confession

  1. I would add the step of forgiving yourself. I’m often more disappointed than those I have let down. I’m stuck in the disappointment unless I can forgive myself.

  2. Just the other day I disappointed Audra. I acknowledged my mistake, apologized and asked forgiveness. Her reply was I cannot just forgive that quickly. That makes sense to me and yet it was tough to accept. Kari makes a good point. Often times its hard to put down my own club forgive myself. One thing that I would add is asking the offended person how I can make amends