How to get the most out of The PLEDGE of a Lifetime!

When I wrote The PLEDGE of a Lifetime, I knew I wanted to convey a message that would lead couples and ultimately families down a path of rich and remarkable communication. I know there is more–MUCH MORE–we can experience in our relationships because I see it in the lives of couples I work with, and I regularly enjoy it with my wife and children.

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Zerrin and I just finished up a long weekend with two of our kids home from out of town. Several times we sat for literally hours at a time talking and listening to each other tell about the present story in each of our lives; sharing and teaching each other things we are learning in life and from God; and talking through relational challenges we face at times with each other in order to make our connections as a family even stronger. And this is the norm. I long for others to know the same experience. I believe you can…

How To Transform Tense Confrontations Into Rich Conversations

Why is “communication difficulties” the number one complaint I hear from people when they discuss their marriage? Why is really good communication such a rare experience? How many people do you know with whom you would feel totally comfortable to pour out your heart, confident they would truly listen and understand? Even harder yet, is to find someone in whom you trust enough to openly discuss a conflict you are having with them, knowing that in the end, your relationship will be better off as a result.

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Several months ago I confessed to my 26 year old son how I realized I had been listening to him talk about several different subjects with a defensive posture rather than one in which I might truly hear and understand him.

How I Chose The Title of My Book

One day I asked my wife and kids to think and pray with me, that together we might come up with a name for my book that would speak forth a message and mean something of significance. One hour later, we had the title! The PLEDGE of a Lifetime!

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A pledge is a spoken commitment, a formal declaration of a promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something. Examples would include a pledge to send aid to a country or a pledge not to go to war.

4 Reasons Why I Wrote A Book

Well in case you missed it – we are SO excited that we are FINALLY nearing the launch of my book entitled The PLEDGE of a Lifetime! If you missed our announcement and exciting ways to get involved, go HERE. In fact, we would love for you to help us get the word out by joining one of three teams. By doing so we will send you a FREE pdf copy of the book and an invite to our launch party! Go HERE to learn how you can become a part of the team!

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Over the next few weeks I am going to be writing about the book, and answer a few questions you might have.

Today I want to tell you WHY I wrote it.

Every day I awake, I thank God for another day of life–and I seek to spend it most purposefully. I am acutely aware that life is fleeting–we have no promise of tomorrow. Because of that I want to do my best to make each day count the most.

So why spend hundreds of hours writing a book? Four reasons:

The Only Resolution You Need This Year…

Incredible! Another year behind us, another year before us.

Love Well

For us here at Madly In Love Ministries, we are truly excited about 2015!

And I want to encourage you to be sure to read our email on Tuesday of next week to learn of some of the why. You won’t want to miss it.

But for now–for those of  you have mustered up the determination once again to make another New Year’s Resolution–might I suggest one that just might top the list?

We Are Not Alone!

We are not alone. His name is Immanuel. Meaning: God with us!

Whether Christmas this year is a time of joy or sadness, know that you are not alone. God is with you.

Our prayer for you during this season of celebration of Jesus’s birth, is that you will experientially know of the reality of His presence and that you are loved more than you can ever imagine.

Remember some of Jesus’ last recorded words:  “…and lo I AM WITH YOU always, even to the end of the age!”  (Matt. 28:20 NASB)


From Zerrin and I, and our assistant Danielle,

Merry Christmas

Born to Die?

Imagine…being born to die. Really, take a moment and imagine if your whole purpose in being born, was to give your life and die.

Born to Die?

As we approach this wonderful time of the year when we celebrate the birth of Christ, take another moment if you will, and imagine what it would be like for Jesus to know He was coming to earth–to die.

7 Things to Practice As You Deal With The Small Stuff

At a lunch last week I heard a man speak about keeping “short accounts” with his wife – meaning they would talk about most everything that created disharmony in their relationship – even if it was simply an unkind or harsh tone of voice. Does that sound absurd? I hope not. It is probably one of the healthiest aspects of marriage if done well.

7 Tips for Conflict

Here are 7 ideas to keep in mind:

Why resolving a problem might be the worst thing to do!

Recently I tried to help a husband understand why his wife was frustrated and hurt. I worked hard to help him be able to see things from her perspective. He didn’t get it. I tried explaining it two or three different ways and he still didn’t get it. I used an example in his own life that would have been very similar in nature to the frustration his wife was feeling. Finally, it seemed as though it began to click. He turned slightly towards his wife to say that it “kinda made sense.” Then he turned back to me and said in a somewhat frustrated tone of voice: “I could have said that a long time ago, but that doesn’t solve anything.”

Resolving problem

And I had a light bulb moment!

Will You Remember?

My wife started out praying today thanking God for the beauty of the creation around us, for eyes to see and ears to hear. She expressed gratitude for our nation and the freedom and security that we still experience today. While listening to her I was aware of feeling a bit guilty. As she was expressing her sincere gratitude to God I realized I hadn’t even thought about doing so.

Will You Remember

How often I forget.